Kendu Adventist Hospital (KAH) was established in 1925. Karen Nielsen and Carentze Olsen from Skodsburg Sanitarium in Denmark served as the first nurses. Both nurses wholeheartedly served the hospital for 25+ years. Management Since inception, the administration of the Hospital has been led the by the Medical Director. Dr. G. A. S Madgwick served as the first Director for a period of 15 years. There have since been 20 other directors including Dr. E. C. Kraft who held the position for 3 different terms. The management structure was revised in 2007 creating the position of Chief Executive Officer working with an Administrative team including Director of Medical Services, Director of Nursing Services, Hospital Chaplain, Business Manager, Director School of Medical Sciences, Ruby Kraft Principal and Project Coordinator. School of Medical Sciences In 1948 a training school for assistant nurses was opened. The training later developed into a full Nursing School training Enrolled Community Nurses recognized by the Kenyan government. With the continued progress, the institution, now known as Kendu Adventist School of Medical Sciences (KASMS) currently offers both Clinical Medicine and Nursing programs. The School is also affiliated with the University of Eastern Africa Baraton which offers a Bachelor's degree in Nursing among others. Graduates from KASMS have continued to offer distinguished services in the region and beyond.
The mission of Kendu Adventist Hospital is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by caring for the sick that walk through the doors of our institution and by disseminating health instruction on how to reduces cases of disease in our society.
As a full service healthcare institute, we are very selective when it comes to finding professionals. Serving at Kendu Adventist Hospital is more than a job - It is a calling to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and educate our communities in disease prevention. Finding the right fit is therefore vital in our resourcing process. Thus, the KAH management team is comprised of health professionals and industry experts committed to the ministry and mission of the hospital.
  • George Otieno Opundo - Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Makenge J. Marwa - Surgeon/Ag.Chief of Medical Services
  • Nomelif Kemei Koech - Chief Finance Officer
  • Pastor Luke Ogayo - Hospital Chaplain
  • Joshua Owiyo - Director of Nursing Service
  • Caroline Omoro - Coordinator, Comprehensive Care Center
  • Maurice Omanya - Principal Ruby Kraft School
  • Toney Ishmail Omoro - Principal School of Medical Sciences Sample Description